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February 25, 2009

A Lil Midget Fun

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In case you’re feeling a little down, this will cheer you up. I promise. By the way, what the fuck????

September 17, 2007

About this site

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Before I get a flood of comments and/or email from all of the closed minded, politically correct, patchouli oil wearing (does anybody still wear that vile smelling garbage?) whiners, I’d like to set the record straight. A lot of the things I think, say and write are not politically correct. A lot are probably offensive to most of the population. That’s fair. You’re entitled to your opinion and can cry as much as you’d like. However, I’m entitled to mine as well and I’m really not interested in hearing your cries of protest. So, before you come crying because my writings are the literary equivalent of sand in your vagina, let me assure you that I don’t give two shits how upset they make you. This is meant to be humorous (sorry if it isn’t your slapstick-Hollywood-brain dead humor) and fun. Besides, nobody forced you to click on that link.

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