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December 21, 2008

Facebook Attention Whoredom Part II (or is it Part III?)

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This will be my third installment of stupid shit on Facebook. Before anybody thinks I’m obsessed with Facebook, I’m not. I just happened to hear this little gem on the radio today and thought I would look it up when I got home.

Apparently, the faceless purveyors of Facebook are hit or miss when it comes to people posting pictures of themselves breast feeding. Some of the photos are taken down and others are left. Personally, I don’t care and I certainly don’t go out of my way to look for pictures of people feeding their rugrats. But apparently, there’s a whole group who seem obsessed with breastfeeding.

Now don’t think I’m a prude. On the contrary, I could gaze at tits all day. But breastfeeding? So you also force the world to look at pictures of your kids smearing macaroni and cheese all over the place? Boy, that sounds really exciting. Instead, it strikes me as more Facebook Attention Whoredom. Yawn.

And here’s another thought – something which is somewhat dear to me. The women who are whining about their breastfeeding photos haven’t paid a single penny toward Facebook, have they? It’s a service that they use for free. It’s somebody else’s (or in this case, a company’s) website. On occasion, I get somebody bitching because they’ve posted something on one of my websites which is either inappropriate, pisses me off, or both. In any event, I take it down and the inevitable bitching begins. But in the end, it’s my website, bandwidth and money. So if you don’t like it, go start your own website.

Now if only Facebook would allow videos of the actual conception…

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